Salemmo CraniotomyHarvard University performed the most comprehensive study ever done on the frequency of medical negligence in the United Stated. Shockingly, the study revealed that as many as 120,000 people die each year as the result of medical errors committed in hospitals. Whether treated in a nursing home, hospital, doctor or dentist’s office, many patients are unaware that the bad result they have experienced may be due to medical negligence. Although your health care providers are well intentioned, medical mistakes occur every day for a variety of reasons. If you believe that you have been injured by a medical mistake, you owe it to yourself to contact an attorney for a free consultation.

The following are just a few examples of the many different medical error situations that may lead to life threatening injuries:

A critical lab result may be accidentally filed away before your physician reviews it, therefore both the patient and the doctor remain unaware of a treatable health problem until it’s too late.

A lab may fail to properly characterize cells on a Pap Smear that indicate the beginning stages of cervical cancer;

A radiologist reading 100-150 mammograms per day may miss micro-calcifications or the beginnings of architectural distortion of the breast tissue that indicate the presence of cancer;

An emergency department may be busy and short staffed which can lead to life threatening delays in treatment;

The maternity ward staff may not notice or quickly react to critical fetal heart rate decelerations that can cause devastating cognitive injuries to a baby due to deprivation of oxygen; or

The physician may simply be involved with a procedure or disease entity that he or she is not completely familiar with and the assistance of other physicians is either not available or not requested until its too late.

Villari, Lentz & Lynam, LLC is committed to improving the quality of medical care by taking swift legal action to compensate patients and their families for injuries resulting from neglect or inadequate care. We believe that it is only in this way that the quality of care for all patients can be assured.

If you believe that you or a loved one has suffered a loss as a result of medical malpractice, contact Philadelphia attorneys Villari, Lentz & Lynam, LLC. They stand ready to investigate and pursue all available civil damage remedies. Call (215) 568-1990 or complete the short form to the right.

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