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Tracy Morgan Collision Underscores Necessity for Truck Driving Regulation and Personal Injury Representation for Automobile Accident Recoveries

June 23, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   Automobile Accidents   |   0 Comment

Comedian Tracy Morgan’s collision with a Walmart tractor- trailer, killing one passenger and injuring four in a six car chain reaction crash, on the New Jersey Turnpike in Cranbury, N.J, at one AM June 7, 2014 underscores the necessity for effective truck driving regulation and personal injury representation for catastrophic accidents. “Congestion, fatigue, distraction contribute […]

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Effective Representation is Crucial for Automobile Accident Recoveries

June 17, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   Automobile Accidents   |   0 Comment

Fresh analysis of automobile accidents and collisions by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) attests to high economic costs and pervasive social impacts of motor vehicle collisions. “The price tag for crashes comes at a heavy burden for Americans at $871 billion in economic loss and societal harm. This includes […]

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Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Fighting for Those Severely Injured and Swindled by Arbitration Agreements

June 17, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   Arbitration,Nursing Home Neglect   |   0 Comment

Recently, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania allowed the Superior Court decision in Pisano v. Extendicare Homes to stand, which maintained that a person residing at a nursing home may sign a binding arbitration agreement to keep claims on his behalf out of the court system but still allowed the deceased’s family a right to a […]

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PISANO v. EXTENDICARE HOMES Superior Court Decision Stands: A Victory for families of persons who passed away in Nursing Homes

June 17, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   Nursing Home Neglect   |   0 Comment

In Pisano v. Extendicare Homes, Vincent Pisano allegedly died as a result of the care or lack of care he received at the nursing home he was staying in. When Vincent first arrived to the nursing home, his daughter, legally acting on his behalf, more or less signed a contract agreeing that all legal matters […]

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What is Arbitration?

June 17, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   Arbitration   |   0 Comment

Black’s Law Dictionary defines ARBITRATION as “the investigation and determination of a matter or matters of difference between contending parties, by one or more unofficial persons, chosen by the parties, and called “arbitrators,” or “referees.” In other words, it is a way to settle a case outside of the traditional trial setting, by having each […]

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What is negligence and how do I know if someone acted negligently?

June 17, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   Negligence   |   0 Comment

In most cases, an action premised on torts or accidents is based off of the negligence of another. Negligence can also be referred to simply as carelessness. To have a successful lawsuit under a negligence action, you must be able to prove four things: Duty Breach of Duty Causation, and Damages. To illustrate how these […]

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June 17, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   General   |   0 Comment

The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution provides “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures[.]”  Under what is known as a §1983 Action, persons who have been arrested, abused, or otherwise restrained by “excessive force” may be able to assert their […]

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What is the Difference Between a Wrongful Death Claim and Survival Action Claim in Pennsylvania?

June 17, 2014  |   Posted by :   |   Wrongful Death   |   0 Comment

Oftentimes, when tragedy strikes and a loved one perishes as a result of another’s careless acts, negligence or unlawful violence, the family of the deceased will seek damages provided under Wrongful Death and Survival Action statutes. While the two claims are usually intertwined in a lawsuit, it is worth being informed as to how each […]

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Construction Site Negligence

December 26, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Construction Accidents   |   0 Comment

Construction site negligence: Ask your friends and family which profession they think is the most dangerous.  In the wide variety of possible answers, you may hear one come up over and over:  construction worker. A construction site can be dangerous for workers, supervisors, and even bystanders.  Common injuries include:  burns, electrocution, falls (from a scaffold, […]

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Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

September 13, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Nursing Home Neglect   |   0 Comment

Nursing Home Neglect: There are many reasons why a resident of a nursing home may develop physical or emotional issues.  Problems may arise as a result of intentional abuse, neglect (intentional or unintentional), or simply as part of an elder’s declining health. Some of the most common signs of Nursing home neglect include: Falls.  A fall […]

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